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Spring Scavenger Hunt

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Spring is officially here so we get to do one of our favorite things: go on walks after dinner. There is so much happening during this season… plants are growing, birds are chirping, bugs are crawling. So why not use this time to develop literacy and observation skills?

Go for a walk and encourage children to observe all the sights, smells, and sounds of spring with this fun free printable. They can mark off the items they perceive with their senses as you walk.

Items needed:
Scavenger Hunt printable
Clipboard (for easy marking while walking)

As you walk, encourage children to use all of their senses to cross off items on the scavenger hunt list. They can hear a bird chirp, smell a flower, see a
spiderweb, or touch a tree with new leaves. For an added activity, you can
always provide children with a digital or disposable camera for them to capture their scavenger hunt findings.

This activity can also provide a prime time to impress in children respect for nature. We can observe all it has to offer. But we should leave it unchanged from when we first found it.

Making literary connections to activities can help to bring topics closer to home for young learners. Here are some of our favorite books to read about Spring for preschoolers:

If you’re ready to take your spring sensory walk, download the scavenger hunt printable using the link below.

Click the link below to download

Andie Jaye

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