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Easy Fall Sensory Bin for Kids

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Fall is my favorite season, hands down.  The colors, the smells, the sounds…. It’s all so amazing to me.  I like to change our sensory bin for the seasons or based on whatever theme we are currently learning about.  So being able to create a fall sensory bin for the kids to explore is always exciting to me.
There’s nothing super special about it.  I mixed the popcorn kernels that were already in it with a bag of mixed soup beans.  Then I added some brown gift bag shredded paper.  This creates a wonderfully diverse base mix.  To add some color, I added beads, craft poms, and buttons in fall colors.  You know: red, yellow, orange, and brown.  I also tossed in some sticks, acorns, and dried leaves. (Please note that if you choose to add smaller items with toddlers, parental supervision during play is necessary.)
Here are just a few things that your kids can do with a sensory bin made up of these items:
  • Pluck out the colored craft poms or buttons with tongs and sort by color.
  • “Rake” the leaves with a sandbox trowel.
  • Practice patterns with colored craft poms or buttons.
  • Practice one-to-one correspondence by rolling a dice and use tongs to pick out that specific number of items.
  • Build a leaf pile and let dolls or toy characters “jump” in it.
  • Sift through with fingers to find the hidden beads.
  • Build a house of sticks for a toy animal to nest in.
I had a friend who asked for tips on creating inviting sensory bins for her preschooler.  My advice was, “Don’t overthink it.” Raid your crafting stash, sewing kit, and the holiday aisle at the craft store. It’s usually the simple things that lend themselves to so much exploration and learning for our kiddos!

Andie Jaye

Andie Jaye is a former preschool teacher turned stay-at-home mom of 3 kiddos. Her blog, Do.Play.Learn., (formerly named Crayon Freckles), focuses on creative learning and play ideas, as well as parenting topics. Andie strives to be honest in her approach and experiences in parenting to let other moms know that they are not alone in their struggle. In her free time, she writes children’s books in hopes of publishing someday.

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